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Holiday Cards Were Designed to Torture Working Moms, so Just Say No

Occasion Cards Were Designed to Torture Working Moms, so Just Say No Consistently right now, my post box, similar to yours, tops off with exquisite occasion cards from loved ones. In any case, that number, in fact, has dwindled throughout the years. I dont send any myself.I used to feel regretful about it, as I affectionately viewed the weighty cardstock, graced with truly gold lettering and an expertly shot photo. How would they discover the time? Why couldnt I?Then I understood: I just dont care. Also, Im therefore giving you authorization, as a recognized individual alumni of the DGAF Academy, to do the same.For working mothers, the special seasons are a frantic race to make the season enchanted for your family. Trim the tree. Hang the lights. Plan the blowout. Go to the store. Cook the dining experience. Do the dishes. Enrich the treats. Plan the gathering. Move the mythical person. Heat the goulash. Book the sitter. Wrap the endowments. What's more, that is all after 6 p.m., or packed into your as of now jam-stuffed end of the week schedule.So, w hy, when our plates are so absurdly full, do we despite everything set aside a few minutes for a vacation convention that, to be perfectly honest, our children could think less about? A convention that no longer has a reason in the period of social media?Back in the day, families sent occasion cards stuffed with news and updates removed companions may have missed. Presently we have Facebook. Im almost certain my loved ones the nation over observe a greater amount of my 3-year-old child than, lets be realistic, they even need to. The previous evening, I made a story on Instagram including my family beautifying our tree, and appreciating sweltering cocoa and treats, produced using only a couple of moments of film my better half caught on his telephone. Not exclusively could my loved ones watch it, its an advanced document of the night well have for eternity. The best part is that we really got the opportunity to make the most within recent memory together.Instead, I could have investe d that energy scanning for nearby picture takers, attempting to discover somebody moderate and accessible to shoot a family photograph. I could have invested the energy choosing a totally organized outfit for us to wear for the photograph meeting. I could have invested the energy sifting through sites, planning a card and trekking to the mail station for stamps. I could have invested the energy licking envelopes and wailing over my awful penmanship. Yet, it wouldnt have a fabulous time, for me, my significant other or my son.One of the guidelines I live by as a working mother who esteems her mental stability is that I will not participate in what I call performative child rearing. On the off chance that something doesnt legitimately advantage my family, my companions or my locale, I most likely dont possess energy for it. (A decent dependable guideline: Most things you need to source from Pinterest, other than plans, is performative child rearing. Another great dependable guideline: Most things the normal father wouldnt trouble to do is additionally performative parenting.)And while Im sure my companions would appreciate seeing a Christmas card from us, is their happiness sufficiently noteworthy to exceed the costsboth as far as time and cash? I question it. The unrivaled year I sent cards, I went to a life changing acknowledgment: I was playing out the custom since it was anticipated from me. I was playing out the piece of a decent mother, instead of living it. I promise you no individual has ever said on her deathbed, I simply wish Id sent more Christmas cards.Look, on the off chance that you essentially revere getting occasion cards, dont let my in fact Scrooge-like contempt prevent you from sending your own. (Since, as I can bear witness to, you for the most part need to give on the off chance that you need to get.) If it truly carries bliss to your life, its value it.But if, similar to me, youre respecting the convention just to stay aware of the Joneses, mitigate your working mother coerce or conciliate your mom, I implore you, stop. You don't have anything to demonstrate to anybody. You have an excellent family, and youre a brilliant mother. I know, since I see it on Facebook. Audrey Goodson KingoThis article initially showed up on Working Mother.

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HAZWOPER Certification How Long is it Good For

HAZWOPER Certification How Long is it Good For How Long is HAZWOPER Certification Good For? OSHA developed the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER) program to protect individuals working at hazardous sites. The agency enacted the program in the 1990s to protect the lives of workers during the initial stages of a chemical release emergency and enforce a subsequent clean-up of the site once it has been addressed. Who Should take a HAZWOPER Certification? HAZWOPER certification is applicable to all employees who offer emergency response services during the release of dangerous substances. “The HAZWOPER standard requires employers to provide training to employees who provide emergency response services during releases of hazardous substances, 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6),” Richard E. Fairfax, Directorate of Enforcement Programs, highlighted in his letter from July 25, 2007. The HAZWOPER compliance course is applicable to five groups of employees and employers. The groups include employees who are exposed or likely to be exposed to hazardous chemicals or engaged in any of the following five duties as indicated in 1910.120(a)(1)(i-v)  and  1926.65(a)(1)(i-v): Corrective actions that may involve clean-up operations of sites that are covered under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA) as amended (42 U.S.C. 6901 et seq.) Voluntary clean-up duties at sites that are recognized by the local, state, federal, or any other governmental body as an uncontrolled hazardous waste sites Clean-up operations involving hazardous substances, enforced by the local, state, federal, or any other governmental body Emergency response operations to address the release of a potential threat or hazardous substance Actions involving dealing with hazardous waste and are conducted at treatment, storage, and disposal facilities regulated by the Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 264 and 265 pursuant to RCRA, or by agencies under agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to implement RCRA regulations. Employees and employers meeting the requirements are required to complete the HAZWOPER certification. The level of training required defers and depends on the role that the employee performs. “The level of training the employer must provide depends on the role the employee will perform in a response. Employees must be trained to the first responder operations level if they will be part of the initial response for protecting persons, property, or the environment from the effects of the hazardous substance release. Employees who respond for the purpose of actually stopping the release must be trained as hazardous materials technicians,” as noted by OSHA. HAZWOPER training is offered in three levels: 8-hour refresher training, 24-hour training and 40-hour training. These levels offers the HAZWOPER certification for those with varying job tasks. Click To Tweet What are the Various Levels of HAZWOPER Certification? HAZWOPER training is offered at three levels: 8-hour refresher training, 24-hour training, and 40-hour training. These levels offer HAZWOPER certification for those with varying job tasks. Here’s a break-down of the three levels of the HAZWOPER certification: 8-Hour HAZWOPER Training This level is the annual refresher required by those that hold HAZWOPER certification It is required within 12 months of taking the 24 and 40-hour course and is needed every year to maintain compliance. 24-Hour HAZWOPER Training This training is best suited for employees who deal with the clean-up of contaminated hazardous waste sites. “Hazardous materials technicians must receive at least 24 hours of training at the operations level and satisfy certain additional competencies listed in the standard. See 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(ii) and 1910.120(q)(6)(iii).” 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training The last level is best suited for employees who perform actions pertaining to the treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste. How Long is the HAZWOPER certification Valid for? The HAZWOPER certification is valid for up to 12 months, after which a refresher training is required to maintain the certification. As indicated by 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(8), a refresher training for all operation and technician level employees is required to offer them the latest information and skills they need to perform their jobs safely. HAZWOPER compliance training is not designed to train workers with specific technical response activities, such as spill remediation. It trains workers to remain safe when performing a chemical response action and provides them with the knowledge needed to comply with hazardous waste management regulations and standards set by OSHA.

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Part-Time Passion Leads To Personal Brand Bonus - Personal Branding Blog - Stand Out In Your Career

Low maintenance Passion Leads To Personal Brand Bonus - Personal Branding Blog - Stand Out In Your Career I despite everything recall my grandma pressing the Skin So Soft in my sack as I left for day camp. The various children had OFF! Furthermore, I had this delicate, decent smelling bug splash. Why? Since my grandma was an Avon woman; she cherished skincare (and her skin demonstrated it) and it made great additional salary for her women evenings. Low maintenance energy My grandma's energy for skincare sifted to her seven little girls (truly, seven) and we all terrific little girls. We're honored with an extraordinary skincare routine, and brilliant business aptitudes too. For other people, who cherished beautifiers, Mary Kay Ash was the best thing since cut bread. Selling become flushed and lipstick transformed into Cadillacs and travels. Presently that is an approach to assemble your image and financial balance simultaneously! The new decade of Avon women Seldom do my sweethearts and I lounge around examining skincare, except if it's botox. What's more, let's face it, I'm not accepting that from anybody other than a doctor. What we do talk about is engaging and shopping. How would you transform those low maintenance interests into an individual brand that you can bank â€" while searching for all day work or dealing with kids? Individual customer As of not long ago, except if you were well off, and shopped at the extravagance retailers, having an individual customer was out of your scope. Presently there's a route for the Fashionistas to overcome any issues for those that need your arrangement discovering, outfit-coordinating aptitudes, and for you to bring in cash while doing it. This is only one reason I appreciate being a piece of a major business. Singes propelled this stunning idea with it's social business entry, ShopYourWay.com, as of late. Here's an association that is hoping to help the individuals who love design and need an approach to make an additional salary. ShopYourWay Its a well known fact that I work at Sears Holdings as the Division Vice President, Social Media Marketing. This blog and my job there are not associated. What is associated is my obsession for discovering approaches to manufacture individual brands, interfacing your energy to a profession, and making both of those simple. Look at Shop Your Way and if your low maintenance enthusiasm is shopping or you're the one in the gathering that everybody requests exhortation on arrangements and outfits, become a Personal Shopper and make a brand for yourself â€" and some additional batter as well! Creator: Adriana Llames is the Division Vice President, Social Media Marketing for Sears Holdings and the acclaimed creator of Profession Sudoku: 9 Ways to Win the Job Search Game. Llames drove a boutique profession training administrations firm for longer than 10 years and has been highlighted on ABC, CNNMoney, CBS News and Yahoo! For more data, visit www.adrianallames.com

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ASME Press and Wiley Publish Latest in Their Joint Book Series

ASME Press and Wiley Publish Latest in Their Joint Book Series ASME Press and Wiley Publish Latest in Their Joint Book Series ASME Press and Wiley Publish Latest in Their Joint Book Series April 7, 2017 ASME Press and Wiley Sons as of late gave the most recent book in their co-marked Wiley-ASME Press Series in Mechanical Engineering engrave. The new title, Applications of Mathematical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Models in Engineering Medicine, is currently accessible in both print and computerized digital book releases. The Wiley-ASME Press Series in Mechanical Engineering was propelled two years prior after an understanding ASME marked with specialized distributer John Wiley Sons to team up in the turn of events and dissemination of mechanical building related books. Notwithstanding the new title, the arrangement incorporates a few extra books, including Bioprocessing Piping and Equipment Design, Fundamentals of Mechanical Vibrations and Introduction to Dynamics and Control in Mechanical Engineering Systems. Uses of Mathematical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Models in Engineering Medicine, which was composed by Abram S. Dorfman, is proposed to familiarize perusers with the different imaginative liquid stream and warmth move techniques that have been created and utilized during the previous 50 years. The book centers around numerical models, which play out an essential job by approving the outcomes got during liquid stream and warmth move research exercises. The new 456-page book is separated in to three sections, each tending to a part of the current utilization of present day scientific models. In the main area of the book, perusers will be furnished with an extensive gander at the uses of contemporary conjugate warmth move models in different mechanical and innovative procedures, from aviation and atomic reactors to drying and food handling. The second piece of the book analyzes the hypothesis and use of two as of late created models in liquid stream: the comparable conjugate model for recreation of natural frameworks, remembering streams for human organs, and uses of the most recent advancements in disturbance reproduction by direct arrangement of Navier-Stokes conditions, including streams around airplane. The books third segment covers the basics of laminar and fierce streams and applied science techniques. These conversations are bolstered by in excess of 360 models chose from a rundown of 448 refered to papers, 239 activities and 136 analyses. The book, which is the ideal reference control for graduate and post-graduate understudies and designers, likewise covers peristaltic streams in ordinary and pathologic human organs; displaying streams around airplane at high Reynolds numbers; unique scientific activities that permit the peruser to finish articulations inference following headings from the content; strategy for primer decision among conjugate and basic techniques for specific issue arrangements; and rules of conjugation, meaning of semi-conjugate arrangements. Utilizations of Mathematical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Models in Engineering Medicine (Order No. 861MHT), is accessible to ASME individuals for $96 ? a reserve funds of $24 off the rundown price. Print duplicates of the new book can be bought through ASME.org at www.asme.org/items/books/applications-numerical warmth move liquid. The title can likewise be bought as an eBook through the ASME Digital Collection. For more data on ASME Press distributions, visit www.asme.org/shop/books.

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Get the Scoop on Myperfectresume Before Youre Too Late

Get the Scoop on Myperfectresume Before You're Too Late Myperfectresume This enlightening article conveys free examples that you can download and use as a source of perspective material. During the fare methodology, the amount of memory devoured came to in the gigabytes, which may realize utilizing the trade document on your hard circle, in this way easing back your machine down significantly. It's additionally significant to keep up a record of the date and time of your abrogation in the event that you need to debate a charge following your participation was dropped. Since your resume should, assuming there is any chance of this happening, be no longer than two or three pages, you may need to nix certain items. Things You Won't Like About Myperfectresume and Things You Will what's more, as most other resume developers, My Perfect Resume makes it straightforward for the work tracker to consider every contingency without overlooking a significant piece of the resume. Furthermore, it g ives a lot of adaptability, as per a myperfectresume audit. So individuals who like My Perfect Resume and might want to keep it ought to think about this decision. While My Perfect Resume offers you the wording, it can't offer all of you of the subtleties required to make your resume champion. On the off chance that you might want to make your resume progressively intelligent you might need to consider these WordPress and HTML continue vCard formats. Visual resume is about visuals, using visual features of visual communication to allow visual symbolism and complete visual appearance to justify itself with real evidence. Should you need a resume layout which permits you to talk about your capacities and imaginative abilities from a profound point of view, you will appreciate precisely what this format offers. Myperfectresume: No Longer a Mystery Myperfectresume surveys show this is unquestionably the most regular choice among purchasers. They may be viewed as a similar way. The site will request that you select a bundle as an approach to download or print your new resume. It offers one of two choices to make your resume. The Good, the Bad and Myperfectresume I went to a solitary advisor who calls from 1 spot and who's in control is sitting some place in a home. In numerous examples, your resume is the absolute first archive a recruiting director will investigate while looking into your program, and in this way is a real initial introduction. It isn't identified with any composing office on the commercial center. In case you're disappointed with the resume you get, the business should offer modifications at no expense. Myperfectresume and Myperfectresume - The Perfect Combination No issue your methodology, your objective will be to make an ordered assortment of experience that is identified with the employments you're applying to. At the point when you investigate a whole audit at this site, you should realize that our group put a lot of exertion in the methodol ogy for creating it. The subsequent page might be utilized to talk about things about yourself, while the third one might be utilized for anything you need, similar to a see venture you'd love to do over at the new organization that you're applying for work for. At the point when you're requesting work, the resume isn't the one thing you request. On the off chance that you pick to use it, it should be a genuinely straightforward procedure since you would as of now be educated about the resume building process. It's light and easy to download on 1 fast advance. People use a grouping of resume layouts utilizing diverse sort of configuration draws near, in any case it's in every case liable to go to the straightforward reality that your resume ought to pass on an extremely clear message over your abilities, your experience, and furthermore for what reason you'd be the perfect contender for the position. The Hidden Facts About Myperfectresume So you should be careful with respect to the confirmation of the journalists while utilizing an online resume administration. This is a completely fair inspecting administration. There are times that you continue through the site of a specific composing administration and it appears to be simply great. Resu me administrations are all around the web, so you may have gone over My Perfect Resume. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Myperfectresume This will make your next pursuit of employment a lot easier, in the occasion you decide to change organizations or vocations later on. Taking everything into account, My Perfect Resume has all the earmarks of being great worth looking at on the off chance that you should kick off your work search or you are getting disheartened with your advancement. There are a great deal of essential sorts of resumes used to make an application for employment opportunities.

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How to Contact the Best Recruiters for Your Job Search

How to Contact the Best Recruiters for Your Job Search Last Updated June 15, 2019 Working effectively with recruiters is a critical part of job search strategy. Recruiters have the power to disclose unadvertised job postings as well as open doors into companies for the right candidate. If you are eager to ramp up your recruiter strategy, its worthwhile to know how to work with recruiters. In this post, well explain why recruiters are critical to your job search, the different types of recruiters to work with, and how to more effectively work with recruiters to advance your career.   The Mistake Most Job Seekers Make When it Comes to Working With Recruiters Im partial to recruiters because I used to be one. My recruiter experience has opened my eyes to how the hiring process works on the inside. It further opened my eyes to what candidates were doing wrong in the job search and why they werent landing jobs. It also opened my eyes to the reality that most people do not like recruiters and therefore do not make huge efforts to engage recruiters in the job search. This is a huge mistake! Why Connecting with Recruiters is Critical for Your Job Search Strategy Whether you love em or hate em, you need to have a robust recruiter network on your side. This will ensure you are on recruiter radars a place you want to be. If you are on recruiter radars, you will be contacted for the right job when it comes onto their radars as well. It’s a recruiters job to find the best person for the job. Recruiters have to constantly be in the know. Part of being in the know is being extremely well connected to people and companies. Recruiters usually know about job openings before the jobs are posted on job boards. And lets face it the best way to land a job is by being contacted cold, without ever having applied! Therefore, if you are connected to recruiters, you are going to be that much closer to being connected to companies and job openings.  This doesn’t mean being connected to 1 or 2 recruiters like most job seekers I come across. If youve bought into this myth about working with recruiters, you probably are falling victim to these dangerous career-killers. You want to have a robust recruiter network in your back pocket in order to ensure you are doing your career due diligence. So how do you connect with recruiters and make sure you’ve completely optimized this unique network?  Here are 5 tips for effectively working with recruiters. 1. Determine the Most Appropriate Recruiter for Your Career Level All recruiters are not created equal. This was a big mistake candidates made when engaging with me during my recruiter years. Yes there are a lot of recruiters out there. No they do not all recruit the same way or at the same career level. The basic recruiter categories are as follows: Executive Recruiters / Retained Executive Recruiters also known as Retained Executive Recruiters and Executive Search Consultants  recruit executives. Executives are defined as professionals earning over 6-figures, for the purposes of executive recruiting. These types of recruiters do not work with candidates who are earning below this range and/or who have not achieved the more senior career level. Even if you are a new executive, it is worthwhile to engage these types of recruiters. They are often looking to recruit candidates to be promoted into the next level. As a rule of thumb, once you achieve 6-figures or a senior management title, you should be engaging these types of recruiters. Executive recruiters are often retained by the client or given payment up front, before the candidate is placed. The retainer creates for a closer company/recruiter relationship in that the recruiter has certain obligations to the company to deliver high quality in terms of service and candidates. They are typically paid the remainder of their fees once the candidate is hired. Therefore, this is considered the upper echelon of recruiting. This type of recruiter tends to work with a very high level of professionalism and is quite sophisticated in their trade hence the more sophisticated fee structure. They are also paid more than most recruiters because they are recruiting at the highest level of an organization where talent is paid the big bucks. Contingency Recruiters Unlike retained executive recruiters, Contingency Recruiters are paid contingent upon candidate placement. Contingency recruiters recruit a lot more volume as they are typically recruiting at the middle to lower levels of an organization. If you are just starting out your career or at a mid-level role, these are the kinds of recruiters you want to work with. Organizations like Michael Page would be contingency recruiting in nature. If you are mid-level or early career and have ever received a call or email from a recruiter, those recruiters are the ones at the most appropriate level for you. Because these recruiters get paid only after the candidate is hired, they tend to work very fast and can be perceived as less professional than a retained recruiter. If you are not at an executive level, you really have no choice in working with any other kind of recruiter. My best advice is to work with any recruiter at this level that will work with you. If a recruiter is willing to engage with you, that means they see you as a potential fit. if they arent willing to engage with you, they dont see you as a fit. At this point it is probably best to move on. The good news? There are TONS of contingency recruiters and boutique recruiting agencies out there. Make outreach as much as possible to recruiters and you should be in good shape. In-House/Corporate Recruiters Last but not least, are In-House or Corporate Recruiters.  As the name indicates, these recruiters sit on site with the employer and are usually a part of the hiring organization or Human Resources (HR). Depending on the size of the company, the recruiter might also be the human resources personnel (for smaller companies). HR is the toughest part of the organization for job seekers to get through. Therefore, your chances of effectively engaging these types of recruiters, is sometimes more challenging than the other two types. My advice would be to engage if you are engaged by them. Yes, its worthwhile to make cold outreach as well. Just be aware that it might be a tougher path to travel into the organization. In-house recruiters may recruit across all levels of the organization. 2. Identify the Best Recruiter Contacts by  Industry and/or  Function Once you have determined the appropriate level of recruiter, youll want to narrow your recruiter list one step further. Recruiters (especially retained recruiters) will usually have an area of specialty for which they recruit. These specialties are based on industry or function. For example, large executive recruiting consultancies will have multiple recruiters for IT, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Board Level, C-Suite and so on. They may further have practice areas that just focus on startups, non-profits, or other organization types. You should only be making outreach to recruiters in your industry or particular space. If you dont focus your outreach accordingly, recruiters wont respond. The recruiter will be focused only on recruiting candidates in their particular space because these are the only job specs they are working with. Reaching out to a recruiter in the wrong space, wouldnt make any sense because they would have not jobs to fit your profile. Therefore, you should do your research and jot down all of the recruiters in your space. Dont worry about geographical boundaries because recruiters work virtually especially in the retained space. Then you will be ready to make contact. 3.  Reach Out to Recruiters and Get on Their Radars When you reach out to recruiters it is important to remember that they are key players in the hiring process. Therefore you want to treat them with as much respect, courtesy and professionalism as you would a hiring manager. Personalize your communications to them (AKA: address  them by name). When you send an email, be sure to attach your resume. Structure your email similar to a slimmed down version of your cover letter. In the email body, let the recruiter know within the introductory paragraph that you are in the same space. You can let them know that you thought it would be a  good idea to be connected in case they have an opening that you are a fit for now or in the future. Always Keep it Brief The key in sending these communications is to keep brief, to the point, and without expectation. You are not asking for a job because you know that recruiters dont have the power to give you a job. Rather, you are letting them know you exist, the type of experience you possess, and sharing your resume in case they are interested. Try Cold Calling Its also advisable to cold call recruiters. Cold-calling is a great way to catch someone at their desk live. It ensures that you actually get to have a brief conversation. It also opens up the possibility that the recruiter may have a few minutes to chat. If this opportunity presents itself, make a brief introduction. Have a few questions about the market prepared as well. Recruiters are a wealth of knowledge in terms of your market and may be able to provide invaluable leads around hiring organizations. 4. Make Recruiters Want to Help You With This Simple Trick In your closing paragraph, let the recruiter know you are open to networking and you would be happy to help by offering the recruiter your network if ever a need arises. This is a professional courtesy that you extend to let the recruiter know you are willing to help them and that its not just a one way street. By offering to help, you are providing your new contact the opportunity to tear down any guards and even feel compelled to help you in return. 5. Relationship Management is Key to Working With Recruiters Recruiters are networkers. Networking is about building relationships. Relationship management  is ongoing.   It never ends.   Once you make a connection with a recruiter,  I recommend keeping the relationship warm. Check in every 6 months to say hi and hit the refresh button on the recruiters radar. Relationships are at the center of everything in the world of career: promotions, partnerships, hiring… Who you know still matters which is why working with recruiters should be at the top of your priorities when it comes to career relationships. If you want to optimize your recruiter strategy and increase your chances of unlocking hidden  opportunities, schedule a Strategy Call with Noelle today. In this powerful hour, you’ll receive a custom recruiter strategy including recruiting firm and recruiter recommendations.  You’ll also cover outreach strategy â€" everything you need to know to engage and leverage recruiters for your job search!